Friday, June 19, 2009

Untitled 6/19/09

stars and stripes
I can't sleep at night

sleep walking in the daytime
conversation becomes short

close the door
turn on the fan

light switch down
whir of spin

eye lids close and I begin to dream
but I'm not rested, not sleeping

my skin is damp and my breathing is broken
I am disjointed

I started with a jolt and an "Oh God"
looking around for the source of a voice

I heard words
I heard whispers

I know you're in here
I swear you're female

I stare at the gray blue wall

I shine my light around
no one is here

then I feel you press close
only you're not real, not yet

I can't tell if I'm seeing the future
I can't tell if you're seeing the past

are we both here?
Can you feel this too?

I get up with a shot
out onto the porch

I purge you out
not yet, not now

I'm left alone
no one but me and the warm wind

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